Interpreting climate & weather forecasting data is essential to avoid hazards like heat stroke, sunburn and frostbite. This requires monitoring UV index, windchill, humidity, temperature and many other parameters. This widget will maximize your home screen to the extent that will enable you to view and monitor many weather parameters at the same time. Also current weather map from the nearest 20 weather stations around your location.

Weather Foreseer is a weather widget that close the gap and interpret weather conditions for you.
Weather Foreseer will interpret earth atmosphere severe weather conditions like hypothermia risks, frostbite, heat stroke and sunburn from high ultraviolet to avoid risks like sun burn from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, this widget will interpret other weather conditions like whether you need to take umbrella or not to save your time.
Wearing heavy or light winter cloth is also predicted by Weather Foreseer widget based on the windchill index and safety risks zone
Predicting delay shows an icon in the widget once there is a forecast for snow, fog, reduced visibility, freezing rain or any weather condition that could occur before leaving your home.
This widget also predicts the possibility of heat stroke when humidity and temperature or humidex reach certain points.
You don’t have to waste your time analyzing weather data to tell your children what to wear and whether to take umbrella in a rainy day or not.
This widget is designed to facilitate user interaction. It does not take more than a glimpse to figure out if you need to take action. We are planning to add many features that helps in reducing risks that you might encounter. Some of these features might not be related to weather but they are related to your safety.
For example we added one feature that asses safety from social media (Twitter) and inform you with a summary about tweets that contain violence and crime indication language around a geographical boundaries you decide.

Weather Foreseer provides accurate weather forecasts (wind, humidity, heat, alerts) with analysis and recommendations of 3 days in the future beside normal 10 days forecast of weather data like fog, wind speed and direction, pressure, temperature and weather conditions..

It also provides access to real-time weather (METAR) at any time of the day.

This widget currently support English and Arabic languages. Other languages will be added soon.

This widget utilizes MapQuest to display METAR data from the nearest 20 weather station to a geo location.

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Weather Foreseer is currently available on Android. You can download the app by clicking on any of the below app stores.

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